Of Diamonds, Vacuum Cleaners and Jogging Mates

I believe that God answers the seemingly trivial prayers we ask.

I am the kind of person who prays even for simple things – when I lose stuff, when I can’t ride a taxi or when I want a bigger serving of food.

I find it funny and amazing how God answers me sometimes. This week, He gave me a triple delight.


I lost my diamond necklace months ago. I never owned expensive jewellery because I always lose them. It was the Captain’s gift so I guarded it with all my life. I lost it anyway. The last time I saw it was during my pre-nup shoot last July.

I asked my sister, brother and mother to search everywhere. They traced our footsteps, re-checked hotels, and searched the entire house. Even after I came to Abu Dhabi, I hassled them for weeks. My Pinoy brain was thinking, ”if we could have pawned that…”

They couldn’t find it. Last week while going through our expenses I remembered the necklace and suddenly realized I forgot to do something. I went to our room, sat down, closed my eyes and prayed, pleading to God for the necklace to be found.

2 days later, I was about to throw away some old safety pins, when my fingers slightly brushed on something slippery. I stopped in mid-air and saw something shiny. I found my diamonds entangled with the pins!



I have a really hard time cleaning our floor.

First, we don’t have much junk in the house yet, meaning bigger floor area to clean. Second, our mops aren’t user-friendly. I apologize to my husband, he even bought me 3 different mops. Third, my hair keeps on falling everyday and our white tiles highlight them scattered everywhere.

I want a vacuum cleaner but I know we were prioritizing things in the house and it would be last in the list (after the carpet). One time last week, after sweeping the entire house, I sat down for a while and muttered a prayer for a vacuum cleaner.

Tonight, out of the blue, my husband announced a friend was giving us a vacuum cleaner as a gift. My ears were clapping! I should have prayed for an oven. Haha.



All my friends here in Abu Dhabi know I needed a jogging partner. I had been bugging them for days to come jog with me. No one wanted nor had time, even my kind husband.

Yesterday, in my desperation, I mustered up all my courage and went jogging alone. It was tiring to both jog and gear up my killer instincts every time someone passed me by especially in dim-lit areas. After my jog, while waiting for a taxi home, I prayed for a jogging partner.

Today, I was on my way out for part 2 of my scary lonesome jog when I saw the morning-duty guard chatting with the evening-duty guard. He was in rubber shoes! He was about to go home, decided not to jog anymore, when I showed up. He showed me the family park that was a parking lot away from us. We did two lapses and he went home ahead. I did one more lap because it wasn’t scary. Children were playing everywhere.

On my way back home, I met another guard friend who said he saw us and would like to start jogging again. Now I have two jogging mates and a family park very close to home.

I don’t see prayers as a formula to get what I need. I see them as ways for me to realize I am dependent on God and for Him to remind me that He’s just waiting for me to ask.

For others they may see these as coincidences or stupidities (on my part) that just had to be learned.

But for me, I see, I know and I recognize that God is active in the details of my life no matter how diamond big or vacuum cleaner small or jogging mate mundane.


4 thoughts on “Of Diamonds, Vacuum Cleaners and Jogging Mates

  1. AMEN!
    this is so inspirirng…kakablesss naman!

    small or big thing, really matters!

    ^_^ mine was answered as well!

    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philipp 4.6-7


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