Review: The Kenwood VC2200

The Captain’s friend kept his word and gifted us with this.

I am a person who doesn’t like reading instruction manuals and figuring out how equipments work. I like that he is.

The first thing he did? He went hunting for my scattered hairs! Everyday, he and my fallen hairs have a fight.

He wins this round.

REVIEW: The Kenwood VC2200  Vacuum Cleaner

  • Capacity – Dust Bag/Canister: 5L Dust Bag
  • Speeds : Variable Speed Controls
  • Bag: Reusable, Washable Permanent Bag


It has adjustable suction control, dust bag full indicator, cord rewind button, multi-purpose dusting & crevice tool, and a built-in storage compartment.

It is handy, compact and light weight. Best of all, it is my favorite color combination: black and red.

DISLIKE: It is a bit loud.

Will I recommend this to others?


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