Sick September

This month is my illness-awareness month.


First week of September and my chicken rashes came back. I am one of the many Pinoys in Abu Dhabi who develop chicken-like spots or red patches when eating chicken. These rashes had been bugging me a lot because unlike others who get them on their arms or legs, I get them on my face. On my worst days, I look like I have acne and you could connect the dots to form all the animals in the zoo.

Yet I can’t remain faithful to my chicken fast because all the Captain eats is chicken this and chicken that.


Second to third week of September I was imprisoned in the house because of the feeling of wanting to puke every 5 minutes.

I did nothing but sleep because every time I open my eyes, I see the world spinning. There was one time I slept just as the Captain was off to work and I woke up to him again going to work. I do not remember the days in between.


Fourth week, I stopped my oral contraceptive experiment and was rewarded with a day or two of feeling perfectly fine. Then the migraine took over. It was the meanest migraine I’ve experienced so far.

For 3 whole days, it chainsawed my skull consistently, never stopping. It paralyzed me. Even in my sleep, I was dreaming of me having a migraine who was dreaming of me having a migraine. I could have been a rockstar with the number of times I banged my head on the wall. I nearly overdosed on Panadol, but it didn’t help a bit.

Today, my migraine decided to decrease into a throbbing headache, more bearable but still painful.

I am a very active person and this one month of house arrest made me feel helpless and useless. I appreciate the Captain running home, early from work, just to massage my exploding head. But we’re both tired of this sick-ish me.

I’ve been trying to write this blog for the whole day.

I am in and out of consciousness.

I want my mommy.

I will sleep now.

Wake me up when September ends.


4 thoughts on “Sick September

  1. Stop eating chicken already! You don’t have to eat what the Captain eats, get other food. What about fish? Or veggies? Tofu? Veggie meat?
    Praying you get well soon.


    1. He orders salad for me but then I smell his chicken so eat his leftovers. My fault 😦 hay, ate. Am gonna start my cooking experiment once may lutuan na kami. wala pa e. kapos sa budget. haha.


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