September has finally ended and so did my migraine. I’m feeling a whole lot better now that the chainsaw in my head has stopped working.

Tonight I met for the very first time my brother-in-law. It was such a mesmerizing experience. He and the Captain had a lot of common features, it was like meeting and talking to my husband’s future self.

Noticeable is big Elrays’ kinder and tantalizing eyes while small Elrays had a more prominent nose. It’s comforting to know that I have married into good genes. Now, I just have too keep my fingers crossed that my big calves would be recessive.

It was a very short visit but a good one. I promised my brother-in-law I won’t post the picture I took with him tonight. But I didn’t promise not to post pictures of long ago. He’s a Violetolgy reader, so when he gets to read this, he’s gonna find out how devious I am.

So here’s big brother Elrays and small brother Elrays during their era of innocence.

Stretch them up, put muscles, little fats, little wrinkles then add attitude and that’s what they would look like today.


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