Tiara Abu Dhabi

Have you ever wondered what’s up in that tower in Marina Mall?

That sky-high oval thing is actually a two-part dining place. The lower half is Colombiano Coffee House while the upper half is Tiara, a ritzy revolving restaurant. I had twice conquered Colombiano, so on my birthday last week, migraine and all, I insisted the Captain bring me to Tiara.

Riding the elevator that goes up, up, up, up…

What you see as the elevator doors open.

It says: Tiara – Fine Casual

Lighted photos of long-ago Arabs.

The dining area.

More photos on the wall.

The glass walls.

The changing view of the parking lot way down shows that you are actually revolving.

  I love that the restaurant is dim-lit.

The captain and I both like dim lights. Him because he’s shy. Me because I’m depressive.

Those two vine-tiers were sold by me to the head chef a year ago in my previous job. Do you know that one tier costs more than a thousand dirhams? Roughly 13,000 Pesos for one metal tier that would hold only 8 cones of finger food.

Appetizer. I like that the bread was soft and tasty.

Penne Arriabbiata for him.

Grilled Chicken Breast for me.

I strongly recommend this dish. The chicken was well-cooked and the sauce was delicioso!

Take home. Here, they call it take away.

My camera-shy husband.

My overly camera-shy husband.

Aha, gotcha!

He takes photos of me to stop me from taking photos of him.

Inside that head is a chainsaw ripping my skull apart.

It’s my birthday so he can’t say no to this shot.

Or to this shot.

Bathroom shot before leaving.

Here’s a sneak peek. They’re a bit costly.

Would I bring my friends here?

Mainly because of the price. I would recommend it for special or rare occasions. But if you just want to go up the tower for chills, Colombiano is less pricey but just as fancy and lavish.

Thank you, Cap, for bringing me there even if it was way out of our budget for the month. You get how I badly need to satisfy my curiosity.

Shukran, shukran!


PS: Thank you also to everyone who greeted me through text, mail and FB. Appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Tiara Abu Dhabi

  1. Hmm, I didn’t know it was your birthday so forgive the belated greeting: HAPPY BIRTHYEAR!! (lol)
    You had chicken! No rashes I hope?


    1. thank yous 😉 haha. i drank antihistamine before eating. it works! hahaha. ate, I cooked pasta for sam’s bday. it wasn’t good. hahaha. pero pinilt nyang kinain kasi pinilit ko. haha. tinakot ko sabi ko, if you wont eat it hindi nko magluluto ulit.evil.


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