Marry at 25, Baby at 27

I am a goal-oriented person. Growing up I always had a yearly planner and organizer. I would write down short-term goals and long-term goals. During my quiet times, I would reach for my list and pray for all the bullet points. Every year, a lot gets checked, some do not.

I was in 6th grade when I wrote this goal:


I didn’t do it. Because as far as 3 years ago, I erased this goal from my head accepting that it was not gonna happen.

I didn’t do it but God did it for me. He remembered the prayers of that young girl who would kneel down by her bed, hug a picture of her current celebrity crush cut out of a Hollywood magazine and pray that she gets married at 25 to a handsome guy. Yes, I always mention that last detail in my prayers. Serious.

I got married at 25.

I just turned 26 and I suddenly remembered the next goal from that list.


Oh no! I want to take that back. I am not ready to have a baby next year or in my 27th year. Lord, I take it back!

Oh well, that’s the nice thing about having a great God. He is wise and he answers our prayers not based on what we say or what we do but based on who He is and what He knows is best for us… at the right time. No worries there then.

Right now I have to start praying for my mom to stop praying for me to get pregnant.


5 thoughts on “Marry at 25, Baby at 27

  1. ate, dont take it back, tska ka magsisi pag di ka magkababy 😦 babies are gift, not everybody can have be a mother.


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