My Front(less) Tooth

Did you know that before she was like this:

She was actually like this:


This was taken 2008.


Sorry, I love laughing at myself.

My front tooth was first chipped in 2002 while I was eating fried chicken. I love to chew on bones. Two years later I got hit on the face during a football game and lost my entire tooth. A dentist made me a fake tooth but I could not count how many times it had to be re-attached through the years because of my football life. It’s actually weird how in 2011 my dentist found a ”new tooth” inside.

Oh well, I had been to 6 different dentists just to have this tooth fixed and fitted. It’s a hard fix because it’s my front tooth and I love smiling big, wide gum exposure and all. I hate it when the black thing starts to appear or when it starts to get crooked or when.. I guess you know the problems that come with fake teeth.

Before my wedding, I went to a dentist recommended by my bridesmaid. I showed up in her cozy clinic at Teachers Village hoping for just a quick fix. After a few visits, she was done with me. I was delighted and ecstatic when I looked into the mirror to see a perfectly fitted front tooth!

It has been 4 months and my gums aren’t bleeding, there is no sign of black shadows and I feel that my playful tongue is no threat to its stability. I owe this to my dentist, especially for making me smile with no worries during my most-photographed days.

 See how bungisngis I can be?

If you need a really good dentist in Manila who can soothe away your dental fears, who is patient enough to explain procedures, who brilliantly knows what she’s doing and is very good-looking, you can borrow mine.

You can contact her at 09392814905 or message her in Facebook.

Happy smiling, everyone!


10 thoughts on “My Front(less) Tooth

  1. Hahaha vio… I want my teeth filled in too… Maybe I’ll try ur dentist… Cracked din kasi front tooth ko and it’s hard to smile when u know there’s a line appearing e everytime…


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