No Other Woman

I’m one of those rare Pinoys who do not watch Filipino films. It’s just that I rarely find good-written movies and I always end up criticizing story lines and dialogues. I prefer Filipino theater than movies.

So I didn’t really pay attention when everybody was raving about No Other Woman.

When I met my husband, my long-time fascination with Derek Ramsay evaporated in thin air, just like that. An hour ago, I accidentally clicked on this:

I went crazy. I kept on pointing, ”I got married there!”

I’m not surprised. Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point is one amazing place. It’s a huge project and they are still in the early phase, so I know that eventually it’s gonna be a national (then international) sensation.I’m just happy my movie in this location is titled, The Only Woman, with no jetski and bikini shots (cringe for mushiness).

Now, how do you watch new released movies like this in Abu Dhabi? I’m clueless.


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