Why Is My Name Violet?


Living is both. It’s a cycle. While you live, you uncover mysteries and that is how you know things. As you know things you discover more mysteries and that is how you live. Sometimes, you are the mystery. I know right?

Haha. Fun question there!

I’ve been asked a lot of times.

According to my mom, while she was pregnant with me, she was reading a book about a missionary named Violet. She decided to name me after her. According to my dad, it’s from the flower Violet.

Yes, when my Dad went to register me he had ”Violet Faith” in his mind. He came back and announced that my name is just Violet. My mom asked why and he answered,

”Is there a faith colored Violet?” And he laughed at himself so hard.


My bestfriend’s name is Brend Faith. She is a Pastor’s kid too.

All my siblings have two names: Lyle Lee, Mishael Leo, Doree Joy, Bethany Kay.

I am deviant.


Thanks for asking! To ask me anything, go here.


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