How is Married Life?


Let me answer that with a story.

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy ever since it came out. I love how the show is brilliantly written. In every episode I find myself scrambling for a pen and paper to write down lines.

When my dad died in 2007 I had a hard time watching the show, especially that I lived in a hospital for more than a month. The stories became real for me and the lines delivered became more powerful. In scenes that has patients or the family talking about how they felt, I melt in how real and raw the emotions are.  I don’t just cry, I breakdown.

Eventually, I stopped watching because it added up to my depression. Through the years, I tried watching an episode or two then take a long break (for the sadness to subside) before watching another episode again. I miss the show and the many life lessons that came with it.

Last night I plugged in the TV cable into my laptop and bravely watched one episode while my husband sat beside me playing his video game. Whenever the scenes become choking sad, the Captain’s breathing brought me back to reality. I watched another episode, then another, then another. Soon enough, the Captain stopped playing and watched with me.

We finished Season 6! There was no post-show depression and I didn’t dream about hospital beds and life-support machines.

How is married life, you ask?

It’s satisfying. I have a man whose mere presence could shield me from the sad rains of Seattle.


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