Childhood Friends


Friendship is a very broad category. The most challenging part is how to narrow down your circles and zero in into, what I like to call, your ”core”.

The advantage of growing up in one hometown is having childhood friends.  However, these childhood ties do not guarantee long-term friendship. It takes years (and will still take more years) of love and wars to turn childhood playmates into committed adult friends.

I am blessed to have a circle like this.

We were classmates since grade one (although this picture was taken 2nd grade) but became drawn to each other starting grade five. We were inseparable until high school graduation where we had to take separate paths.

We kept the bond tight by constant communication and sleep-overs during vacations. The gazillion memories we made together could sink a ship.

Today, we are scattered around the globe. Two of us are married. One is next to be married. Another is being convinced to get married. Two is looking for someone to marry. And the last two should marry each other.


This is my core and yes, I am (and will soon be) in contact with them.


Thanks for asking! To ask me anything, go here.


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