The Wildest Thing


The state of being WILD is subjective. For some people wild may be getting drunk and doing stuff you’d never do without alcohol. Some may be breaking rules, like stealing and vandalizing, and getting caught.

Wild for me is sleeping on the roof of my college, sleeping along the corridors and sleeping  in waiting sheds of Manila. Wild for me is eating monkeys, snakes, frogs, beetles, flying insects, ants, golden snails and wild deers, Yes, I tasted all those. Hakuna Matata! Wild for me is pooh-ing in the bushes and getting chased by pigs. That was scary wild.

These series of wild events started when I was a toddler.

My mom was washing clothes one day when I went over to help. She gave me my own basin, soap and a sock to wash.

I look at the sock and it didn’t look interesting at all.

I looked at the soap and found it staring back at me.

I put it inside my mouth and bit hard.

Mommy to the rescue!

The wildest thing I’ve done is eat soap. Perla, I think. I have to taste again to make sure.


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4 thoughts on “The Wildest Thing

  1. i think Perla’s the most organic (that it has the least toxins). i heard one of the orders of nuns strictly used Perla coz it had the least environmental impact. Maybe your dad knew that, that’s why he let you taste it 🙂


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