Kristin and Kayla

This is where I’ve been hanging out during my spare time (Although everyday seems like spare time already).

I’m gonna tell my husband I won’t be having kids until he learns to be a Jason Lee, a father who creatively captures his kids.

”Sure, his children are adorably cute in their own right, but that’s not what makes his photos so interesting. It’s when he puts his own spin on their everyday moments that we not only get to experience our own childhood again, we’re able to see a father’s pride shine through.”

Here are some of my favorites!

It's like a.....

Angry Birds

Just let your hair down.

In one ear, out the other.

hoppy fathers day

Ready for liftoff.


Have your cake....

Jason Lee reminds me of my dad who loved taking photos of our every move. My childhood has been very well documented because of him. I’ve witnessed inclinations of this in my husband. I wish he works on it for the artistic sake of our future kids.

In one of Jason Lee’s interviews he says,

”Like in Finding Nemo, Dori advises ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming.’ Replace swimming with taking pictures and I think you have a winning formula.”

His official website here and his kids’ website here.


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