Tourist Exit – Hello, Oman!

I entered Abu Dhabi 2 months ago with a tourist visa. I have exceeded my legally allowable stay in the UAE, thanks to the complicated processing of my marriage certificate. My new residence visa is ready but I still have to exit the country as a tourist and come in with my new visa.

A short legal talk:

A Visit Visa or Long Term Visa (3 months) can be converted to a Residence Visa without leaving the country. However, a Tourist Visa or Short Term Visa (1 month extendable to another 1 month) requires the tourist to exit the UAE.

All these legal stuff makes me appreciate diplomatic relationships between countries more. Philippines, you need to fix ties with these Arab nations to spare your citizens of so many legalities. Thousands of OFWs are flocking to the Middle East every year, and we don’t have essential diplomatic privileges.

Oh well, today I found myself boarding a plane to Oman, since she didn’t welcome me by land. I paid 700 Dirhams for my 6 days of overstaying (100 Dirhams basic overstay charge + 100 Dirhams for each day overstayed).

The plan is to fly to Muscat International Airport, visit the comfort rooms there then fly back to Abu Dhabi on the same day. This is what they call ”Airport to Airport” exit.

Here’s me patiently waiting to board my plane.

The 48-seater Oman Air. It was small and wobbly but not as scary and smelly as Kish Airlines.

Snack time! Everything devoured because I didn’t have time for lunch. My ticket was booked a few hours before the flight and I only had time to shower.

Muscat from the air. The city was like Lego land in dry sand.

Airport touchdown. The flight lasted for only an hour and a half.

Metal chairs with soft pads. I like public seats like these.

My 2,000 Omani Rial Hazelnut Latte from Costa Cafe. I actually brought a 3-in-1 Nescafe sachet but was too shy to ask for free hot water. Haha.

The airport wasn’t spectacular but was fair enough.

The comfort rooms, however, were disappointing. I inspected a total of 3. Although they seem like they are being cleaned hourly, they looked old and abandoned. I had to pee as fast as I could.

You always find friends when you exit 🙂

Waiting for our trip back to the UAE.

I was in transit for 3 hours. A year ago I did an exit to Kish, Iran and stayed there for 3 days. Having gone through torments like that, I get to appreciate today.

There’s the guy who kept on staring at me the entire trip, might as well take a shot so I can stare back at him even in this photo only.

Goodbye Oman, Hello Again Abu Dhabi!

84 thoughts on “Tourist Exit – Hello, Oman!

  1. Very nice blog….i just wanted to know, how much is the package now in travel.agencies. I need to exit to oman soon. AtoA 3months visa on hand. Thanks for the emmidiete response…


  2. Hi! I will also be doing the same procedure you posted. I am in Dubai and just got my emoyment visa. So I will be exiting in Oman. Do i need any visas there? At the immigration, aside from the employment visa, what else do i need to present? Thank you very much.


  3. Hi thanks sa reply Violet super informative ng blog mo. Medyo confused lang ako naoffload na kasi ako at nakalagay sa requirements list eh OEC,authenticated or verified contract at original visa.

    1.nawala ko kasi requirements list na bigay ng Immigration bibugyan kaya nila ako ng copy uli?
    2. Pag dumaan sa Agency kailangan pa ba ng authenticated or verified contract para makakuha ng OEC. Paano kaya yung sa Immigration baka kasi maoffload ako uli pag di ko nacomplete yun pero dati kasi sabi ko direct hire ako kaya siguro nilagay yun sa list. Direct hire ako pero as per POEA may agency yung Company kaya sila dapat magasikaso.
    3. Ok na po ba ipresent yung scanned visa kasi sinend lang sa kin yun through email. (Entry Visa)

    Thank you so much. Sana po may makasagot.



    1. Hi Rose… i just wanna butt in sa quiery you kay Miss Violet, dito rin me sa UAE/Dubai. Kelangan talaga you need your original visa to show immigration. Plus, if you are leaving on an employment visa kelangan mo rin ng OEC or yung galing sa POEA. Mahirap lumabas ng bansa naten lalo na pagnasa immigration ka na naten, marami silang tanong. Paiba iba pa ang mga requirements nila na kelangan. Na off-load narin yung pamangkin ko due to lack of requirements… his visa was tourist then, and he needed an Affidavit of Support plus plus plus documents from the guarantor. Mahirap lumabas ng Pinas kung kulang kulang ang papers mo. And kung from other country ka naman lulusot, 50/50 chances din kasi marami ang nagtangkang lumusot from other coutries like Hong Kong and etc… pero pinabalik sa Pinas kasi ang question naman ng immigration nila is bakit lulusot from their country, at if the traveler insists they might have to deport her/him. As Employment visa naman kelangan meron kang agency na papasukan ng visa mo. I know it is confusing and difficult at times, but these are base on our experiences personally and with my pamangkins. I just wanna share also para sa mga kababayan naten.

      Hope it helps… thanks dear.


  4. ,do I need to have an Oman visa even if airport to airport exit lang gagawin ko? saka overstayed napo ako sa UAE ng 1 week ,will they still accept me in Oman?


  5. Hi Violet,

    Ask ko lang sana kasi nsgwork ako sa Abu Dhabi before pero nakakuha ako ng mas magandang work and while waiting for my new visa nagdecide muna ako na umuwi ng Pinas kasi mageexpire na Residence visa ko.

    Nareceive ko na yung viaa ko pero sabi ng employer ko pagbalik ko daw wag daw ako bumalik from Manila to Abu Dhabi diretso need ko daw pumunta sa ibang lugar muna example Manila to Singapore tapos Singapore To Abu Dhabi.

    Di ba ko makwekwestyon sa Immigration na bakit ko pa kailangan dumaan sa Singapore?

    Paadvise naman please. DI ko na kasi alam next step na gagawin ko.


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    1. Hi Rose, i think the reason behind your employer wanting you to go through another country is because kelangan mo mgprovide ng other documents related to a new working visa if ur traveling from Manila straight to your employer. I’m not too sure about the complete set of documents pero nasa POEA yan, list of requirements.

      For some people it’s easier to go thru another country as a tourist before heading to the country of employment. Pero syempre kapag ito ang option mo, you have to provide a ticket for that country as final destination, return ticket from that country as well, hotel booking and your proof of funds. You shouldn’t show your UAE ticket and visa for this option.

      However, kung kumpleto naman ang papers mo for the UAE then just take the manila-uae route directly. Your employer should provide you with all necessary documents. Again, im not too sure about the complete set of docus to supplement a new working visa.
      You can check POEA website for that. Hope this helps.


  6. Hello mgtatanung lang po ako..mgeexit po ako sa oman airport to airport lng ,bus po un sasakayn ko,panu po gagawen q,,wla po ako experience mg exit,,sa balik ko po um din po ba bus na un sasakyan idea po ako pls help..panu po un..


    1. My residence visa na ako maam..kilangn ko lng dw po mg exit mna,pg balik q po un residence visa na dala q,,ang tanung ko po anu dapat gawen,,bus daw po sasakyan q,,eh panu po un sa pagbalik ko un din bus na makakasabay po ba ako mgtuturo sa akin,natatakot po xe ako..first tym ko po xa mg exit,,airport to airport..


  7. hi violet, may I just ask if your residence visa was processed after your tourist visa has expired? or can the residence visa be processed while your still holding a tourist visa? thanks in advance for your reply


  8. hi violet, maexpire na tourist visa ko tomorrow but i plan to over stay in uae for 1 week and pay for the fine, kase hindi pa naprocess ng company ko ung employment visa, ung boss ko kase nsa ibang bansa for his another company and will go back here next week. (hopefully) nag start na ko magwork for 3 wks sa knila, i plan to wait for my employment visa i’m afraid na bka hndi ako mabisahan, wala kaseng assurance dun sa boss ko.. then after 1 week if ever nagstart na process ng employment visa ko saka ako magexit to oman, the question is wala naman kaso dun sa gagawin ko? thanks. hoping for the reply.:)


  9. Hello kabayan,
    My sister’s visa is ready now and she also needs to exit. I would like to come with her but do you know if we could get a tourist visa at the airport.
    Thanks a lot.


  10. hi, would just like to ask something. i am on a cancelled employment 30 days allowance and i wanted to exit to oman.. do i need to get a visa for oman? or is there a way that i can obtain a visit visa here in dubai while still in the country. i hope you have the answer to my queries coz you seems to exit a lot 🙂


    1. You have to book your ticket to oman by bus. 300dhs for roundtrip ksama n duon yung 1 month visa for oman very cheap. If you are over staying you can go to travel agency apply for new visa then wait from oman. Once ur visa done they will send to ur email no need original then u can comeback again.


  11. Hi! I have a question, is it possible for a travel agency to blacklist me if I overstayed for a week? Because they keep on calling me, I already told them that I am just waiting for my visa since it will arrive via courier on saturday, I will pay for all the penalties and I will exit once I receive it. But the visa manager is threatening me and said that they would blacklist me


  12. Hi Violeta! Where did you pay your overstaying charges? And how much was it? I heard 200 on the 1st day and 100aed for the following days


    1. I payed for it in immigration upon exiting. When you go to passport control they call u inside another office where they tell u how much to pay. Yes that’s right. 100 per day and an additional 100 overstaying fee for the first day.


  13. Ma’am hindi po ba kayo tinawagan ng travel agency nyo na nagprovide ng tourist visa na overstaying na kayo at pwedeng i-blacklist?


    1. They call. Usually they call at the last minute so u really have to extend or exit before expiry. What happens according to them is their system gets locked out or something and they cannot issue new visas when someone is overstaying. I dont know how that works but thats what they told me before.


  14. hello! i just have some few questions to ask , my sister is on tourist visa with my company which am aware that they cant extend it for another 30 days and her tourist visa is about to xpire, my question is theres any chance that travel agency can extend the tourist visa that my company issued to her. thank you and GOD bless!


  15. Hello. I went to Dubai with a tourist visa and it has been extended til February 15th. I started working already here in Dubai but my working visa hasn’t been fixed yet and I need to exit to Oman (Or maybe Kish). Should I wait for my residence visa to be processed before I could go back here in Dubai? Or I could go back without it being fixed, as long as I had exited already?


    1. Hi. You cannot wait your residence visa . You have to exit first because your status tourist then send the copy of exit stamp. Then that would be the time your company will process your residence visa. Company can process your residence if the status of your visa employment cancelled.


  16. hi going for my a to a exit to it possible to catch up my return flight with 40minutes interval only?
    — same predicament am having here.. will I be able to make it on my returning flight with 40minutes interval?


    1. Yes you can, especially if it’s the same airline. You’ll probably ride the same plane. All you do is go off the plane, sit a little, walk a little then go back to the plane 🙂


  17. hi going for my a to a exit to it possible to catch up my return flight with 40minutes interval only?


  18. hi going for my A-A exit on the 16th to oman. is it possible to get my passport be stamped immediately and be able to catch up with my return flight to dubai in just a 40-minute interval? i have my employment visa ready with me already.


    1. You get your passport stamped only in the UAE. You don’t do anything in the Oman airport (aside from eating or wandering around), so yes, you can catch your return flight in 40 mins. I did that in my Bahrain exit as well.


  19. when i was in the airport, the airport staffs told me that i cannot stay in Oman for more than four hours. my arrival in Oman is 4:15am and my departure is 9:20 and they told me that i cannot take the 9:20 flight back to Dubai as i will exceed the 4 hours limit so i purchased a new return ticket..


  20. hi violet,
    Very informative blog mo… good work!
    May tanong lang ako….
    Paano mag exit by land/bus from abu dhabi to oman? kailangan lang matatakan nang exit stamp passport ko. hawak ko na working visa ko so kahet sa boarder line lang sana and how much? and san pwede magapply at pano ang process?
    Thank you


    1. Hi sunshine, I apologize for this extremely late reply. By now, I believe you got your answers. I tried exiting through land but I wasn’t allowed. I think the border run only applies to certain nationalities. I need to do more research on this.


  21. Hi, pede ko ba itanong kung makukwestion ba ako sa UAE immigration dahil dating employment visa ako and then change status to tourist visa muna pagbalik ko? habang nag aantay ng employment visa ulit, may idea ka ba kung panong 2 way trip ang gagawin ko sa flight ticket ko kung mag exit ako oman tapos babalik sa dubai as tourist? pero A to A lang ang gagawin ko?


    1. Hi, usually UAE Immigration do not question you anymore as compared to the Philippine immigration. As long as you do not have questionable documents or bad records when living in the UAE. In case they ask, then your answer is “I’m coming back to tour.”

      There are a lot of travel agents that can book flights for you, or you can do it yourself online. By doing it yourself, you can save more because you go online and compare ticket costs.


  22. Halo Violet! Thanks for ur post. It such a big help. I have the same situation like most others.. Waiting for visa to be ready and i have to exit from Dubai. Apparently i dont know exactly when it will be ready and right now im still deciding wether i should go to Oman or Kish. Please kindly spare your advice approximately how much i should get ready to spend for visa, cheapest hotel, where to stay.. Etc between this 2 destination. Thanks!


    1. Hi Nora, thanks for the post 🙂

      Basically the difference between Oman and Kish is that Kish is visa-free while Oman is not.

      Kish is mostly the destination when you’re not sure when your employment visa is going to be finished. It is also more cheaper in terms of flights and accomodation.

      Oman is mostly the choice for Airport to airport transfer since you won’t have to exit Oman airport. It is mostly for people who have their employment visa ready or for those who can afford a more comfortable hotel. A visa is necessary for Oman.

      When getting a ticket for the Kish Exit, it is usually in a package and they provide you the hotel as well. Oman has more options and you can google the net for budget hotels to stay in.


  23. Hello Ms. Violet I just want to ask, I have a visit visa and it is about to expire in the next few weeks, we(my fiance and I) are scheduled also to get married in the PH embassy in Abu Dhabi hopefully next week. My question is do you have an idea how long it will take for us to process getting a husband visa? If ever we can process it in time, can I exit in Oman and then go back in the UAE with the husband visa already? Is it A to A only? Thank you and more power to your site.


    1. Hi Jeff, sorry this took forever 😦 I hope by now you have answers to your questions. I honestly don’t know the time frame for processing visas. I can only share from my experience. It took us 1.5 months to wait for the marriage certificate to be registered and be processed from the Philippines and It took my husband one week to process my husband’s visa.

      A husband’s visa is also dependent on the employment visa of the husband. So one has to wait for an employment visa from his company then proceed into applying for a husband’s visa for the wife.

      It’s a long process 🙂 start by calling the embassy and know how long they could process your marriage certificate, registered and red-ribboned 🙂


  24. hi! i have a question i entered uae as a tourist visa my father is now obtaining my visa. so basically i will be under fathers visa may i know the steps and process for me to have my passport stamp and the system will recognized that i “exit” the airport or country coz thats the only time immigration here in abudhabi al ain will issue my residence visa.


    1. Hi Azmae,

      I was tourist visa in Abu Dhabi when my husband processed my husband’s visa. I was inside the country while the process was taking place. I didn’t have to exit first.

      I waited for the new visa to be finished which took 1 week.

      I exited airport to airport in Abu Dhabi-Oman. In immigration passport control ABU DHABI I showed my OLD TOURIST visa. They just stamp your tourist visa with a big EXIT, it means you entered and exited the country as a tourist.

      When I came back I showed my NEW husband’s visa. It means I came in under my Husband’s visa.

      i think it’s the same process with father’s visa.


  25. Hi 🙂 upon reading all these.. when a to a lng, no need for oman visa right? And thats only ideal if u already have ur new visa (ex. Employment visa) with u upon arriving muscat airport?? Tnx


    1. Hi gelixy,

      Yes that’s right. the only reason you’ll need an Oman visa is if you want to exit the airport to go to Oman land.

      If you already have your new employment visa to the UAE you can just wait for your flight back in the airport.


    2. but is it same for Nigerians? Can Nigerians enter oman with employment visa and exit at the airport immediately?


    3. Hi mimi.. when you say “enter Oman” not the country itself but OMAN AIRPORT. Entering Oman airport or any airport needs no visa. You only need a visa when you get out of that airport into the country.

      So if you’re just going to sit and walk around Oman airport whatever nationality you are it’s ok. you only need an OMAN VISA if you plan to go out of that OMAN airport into OMAN country.

      When you fly back to the UAE, you can sit and walk around the UAE airport as well without a visa, whatever nationality. But if you want to leave the UAE Airport, go out into the UAE country then you can present you UAE VISA.


  26. am a Nigerian and came into Dubai with tourist visa now I have gotten a job and my employer is processing my employment visa, but I need to exit so I prefer Oman how do I get the visa to Oman until my employment visa is ready? I need like very urgent now.pls let me know if there is any traveling agency link me up then. thank you.


    1. If you are in Dubai just go to any travel agency they would help you. How long are you expected to wait before your employment visa is done? If it can be ready, you could wait for your new visa then exit to oma through Airport to Airport only. Then you won’t need an Oman visa.


  27. Hello Vio,

    Me and my sister would like to visit Oman, since we are here as Tourists in Abu Dhbai… do you have an idea on how we can get a Tourist visa to OMan??? thanks a lot and i enjoyed reading your posts…


    1. do u know of any travel agency… i inquired with Omani Air but they don’t provide with the visa… my sister still holds a Filipino Passport… i did ask the Oman Embassy, they said the border has the visas… what do u think is the best thing to do… thanks!!!


  28. super helpful my dear! i will also exit in Oman, since I am still ver young, I got scared and has no idea what to do. thanks a lot for the infos 😉 good thing my employer would send me to Oman and not in Kish haha


  29. Hi,
    I just want to ask, kailangan ba talaga yung attested degree para maiprocess ng employer ang employment visa?
    In my case kasi, i was not aware na kailangan pa ng authentication from uae embassy sa atin, and so nung ipapasa ko na ang mga requirements ko na nakared ribbon, kailangan ko pa daw ibalik yun sa pilipinas para ipaattest, which will take me for about 3weeks, and my tourist visa is nearly going to expire. How come sa iba kong mga kakilala hindi na kinailangan ng ganon?


  30. Hi,
    I just want to ask, kailangan ba talaga yung attested degree para maiprocess ng employer ang employment visa?
    In my case kasi, i was not aware na kailangan pa ng authentication from uae embassy sa atin, and so nung ipapasa ko na ang mga requirements ko na nakared ribbon, kailangan ko pa daw ibalik yun sa pilipinas para ipaattest, which will take me for about 3weeks, and my tourist visa is nearly going to expire. How come sa iba kong mga kakilala hindi na kinailangan ng ganon?


    1. Ang Diploma ay upon the company’s discretion. Some company require it some do not. But most do. From my experience, your Diploma needs a Red Ribbon only from the Philippines. Then you can have it authenticated here in the UAE Philippine embassy (not back home). If you go to the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi Website they have there as their service “authentication”.


    2. Hi, very helpful ang blog mo nabuhayan ako ng dugo, kasi dadaan din ako sa processong yan this week, kagaya ni konyo kinakailangan ko din ipadala sa pinas ang documents ko at mag eexpire na ang visa ko at kelangan ko na mag exit. Regarding naman sa Authenticaion process dito sa dubai hindi na ino-honor ang tatak ng Philippine embassy dahil nung una ganun ang ginawa ko pumunta sa Al qusais sa Phil embasy para magpa stamp for 3-days mo aantayin yun and then dumirecho ako sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs pero sa kasamaang palad hindi nila tinangap tinanong nila kung anong nationality sabi ko Filipino tapos binalik sakin ang papers ko dahil ang gusto nila ipadala ko sa Pinas at patatakan sa UAE embassy sa Pinas. Nakakalungkot kasi ang daming nasayang na araw. Mukang magkakaiba ang processo depende sa Bansa. So kelangan ko mag exit as tourist bago mag end visa ko which is first time kong gagawin kaya salamat sa blog nawala ang takot ko, sabi kasi nila nakakatakot daw sa Oman pero experience yan, sabi mo nga kailangan lang ng “positive attitude”. Go pinoy!


  31. Many thanks again!
    Yes we are asking our PRO today if some how we can get the Pink employment visa before exiting?!!!! Fingers crossed!!


  32. One more question when you say Visa already printed.. we just have a document form the typing shop nothing else. We can only pick up the Employment Visa once she has exited the UAE


    1. Hi Claire,

      Thanks for the nice words. I’m not really an expert but hope my bits of info could help 🙂

      I’m not sure about printing (computer shops etc.) in the airport. The last time I was there, I didn’t see any. I don’t kow if immigration would accept electronic email as proof since the original will be sent to the airport anyway.

      I got my residence visa while I was in my tourist visa inside Abu Dhabi. Then exited the country (my residence visa paper already with me so I didn’t have to print in the airport), had my tourist visa stamped exited then came in with my residence visa.

      My friend also had an A to A exit, her residence visa was processed even when her tourist visa was still effective. When she got her residence visa, that’s when she exited the country showing her tourist visa only. Then came in with the new residence visa.

      Maybe an immigration person or a PRO could help to make things clearer 🙂 I hope all goes well with your maid.


  33. This blog is so HELPFUL!!! Thank you. I am sending our household help to Oman and was somewhat worried. You have helped me a lot!

    1 question, is there freely available shops/ internet cafes inside the airport for our maid to print the employment visa that we will e-mail to her same day?!




  34. hi vio, can you share the travel agency’s contact details you booked your flight to Oman? My visa is expiring soon and I need to exit, however I don’t have my work visa with me yet.. after my passport gets EXIT stamp, then, I have to immediately send it to our company’s PRO so that he can start requesting for my visa which usually takes 3 to 4hrs only.. I am a Filipina, holding a tourist visa..can I exit to Oman and just wait at the airport for my visa, then will just fly back to UAE on the same day once my visa was sent to me? Do i still need to have an Oman Visa? Why were you not able to travel by land to Oman? sorry had to ask too many questions.. I’m just really confused..all this is new to me.. hope you can share your thoughts on this.


    1. Hi Rench,

      Thanks for dropping by. I will answer you according to my knowledge through my experiences…

      First of all, the OMAN exit Airport to Airport is an option when:
      1. You already have your printed visa
      2. You are 100% sure your company will process your visa on the same day (and you have access to a fax or email in the airport to print the electronic copy of your visa to show in immigration when coming in, or I don’t know if there are some other options.)

      All you have to do is exit Abu Dhabi, stay in the airport for a few hours until your next flight then enter Abu Dhabi again.

      You only need an OMAN VISA if you are to exit the Airport, meaning you don’t know exact day when your visa will be done. You have to be very careful because companies in the UAE do not always process visas on time, unless your company is really really good.

      You can only exit through land to OMAN if your current visa is RESIDENCE not TOURIST. But if your visa is TOURIST, like through airport, you need an OMAN visa.

      When your visa is cancelled, i know you have some number of days allowable stay in the UAE (that you have to ask your PRO). There are companies, who process visa fast and you can carry your residence visa with you upon exiting the country.

      If, however, your company is a bit slow in processing things, then KISH EXIT is your option if you don’t want to pay for OMAN visa and hotel stay. Kish is visa-free but is not cockroach/surot-free

      I hope this helps 🙂

      If you push through with OMAN, Tell me your estimated dates of flying 🙂



    But if i will need to exit what is the best advice able place to go? Is it Oman Or Kish?
    And how long it takes to process a new employment visa in labor?


    1. If it’s the same sponsor, it shouldn’t be a ”transfer” but just an extension or renewal… if it’s just a renewal you don’t have to exit..

      Oman is way lot better than kish. But Oman is not visa-free, meaning if you intend to go out of the airport you have to buy a visa depending on how long you’ll stay out. Kish however is visa-free but the ”hotels” are like prison cells.

      Without other necessities or complications, a new visa just takes hours 🙂 but everything is subjective, you have to talk to a PRO or someone in authority 🙂


    1. hehe. tinawag ko na syang bidet dati tpos sabi ung bidet daw tawag dun sa malaking bowl na nasa tabi din ng main bowl. sinearch ko sa google images, un nga lumalabas na pics. Or pareho silang bidet? haha. i am so clueless :))


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