Tourist Exit – Hello again, Abu Dhabi!

This is the 200+ seater plane that flew us from Muscat to Abu Dhabi.

My seatmates.

The flight home was shorter than the flight coming in. I, however, felt it was longer because I couldn’t wait to see my husband again. Haha, the sentimental case of a newly wed.

I was looking forward to another set of meal, hoping they had better food since it was a bigger plane. But no. This is what they served instead. Water and pie, like they heard I was on diet.

Somewhere between snacks and touchdown, I felt my left hand was lighter than usual. I immediately looked at my fingers and fright was all over me for a minute. My wedding ring was gone! The plane was too narrow for me to bend down and peek under the seats, so I gave my number to a flight attendant and asked him to call me incase he finds my ring.

He never called. So I guess, my ring went rolling off while I was still in the airport. Sigh. Me and jewelries do not work good together.

The plane landing was very bad. For a moment it felt like we were about to crash. I admire pilots who do smooth descents.

Lining up in Abu Dhabi immigration is very tricky. I had been there 4 times and I have learned tips to survive. If you are from an exit trip and carry only a faxed copy or photocopy of your visa, go to the VISA COLLECTION counter before going anywhere. If you already have a true copy of your visa, go straight to the EYE SCAN area before lining up in immigration.

When choosing a line in immigration, do not go where there a lot of Arabic women. They do not know the principle of lining up. Go to the farthest right line. That is the line that moves fastest because after the VIPs go in, the counters open up for other nationalities.

Abu Dhabi airport comfort rooms are better, not too classy but very clean and odorless.

Overflowing supply of tissue. My mom would love it here. She is like the tissue queen.

The Captain was late (as usual) so I had nothing to do but take multiple photos of myself.

Here’s another guy who just stopped in front of me and stared. He quickly walked away as I pointed my camera at his face. Sadly I was too slow, I only got his back. I wonder really what manners are they taught while growing up.

A poster of cute Arabic kids. Look at their eyes, it’s like their lashes and eyebrows have a life of their own. They look so adorable when they’re little but when they grow up.. (I will shut my mouth now before my husband kills me) Hahaha.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Finally, my dusty limo arrives! I offered a ride home to my new-found friends and the Captain was sweet to agree without too many questions – another Filipino culture he will soon grow to like or dislike.

Home sweet home.

Door sweet door.


It was so good coming home, especially to a kind husband who painstakingly coordinated the whole trip. I had been so independent my whole life, it feels so nice to finally have a man look out for me.

Hello again, Abu Dhabi, did you miss me?


4 thoughts on “Tourist Exit – Hello again, Abu Dhabi!

  1. Hi, your blog was so informative. I have a few questions though. im about to exit to oman tomorrow morning and i have been overstaying here in abu dhabi for like 6days. Where do i pay for the overstaying fine? What do i need to bring with me? Thanks a lot!


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