F.A.C.E Abu Dhabi

Ate Emily, my big sister from my previous job, tagged me in these photos.

I am re-posting not because I just made front cover (or maybe yes) but because I really admire the projects they do in their courses.

She is part of the Filipino Association for Computer Excellence (FACE), a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization, that offers tuition-free computer courses to OFWs in the UAE.

They offer different classes over the weekend, voluntarily teaching and upgrading computer skills of fellow Filipinos. I applaud such cause because in a country where a lot are stuck in jobs that are menial or monotonous or have non-existent career growth, education like this keeps the Filipino brains alive and active.

Not only is FACE a teaching facility but it has become family to a lot of its members.

To know more about FACE, contact Ms. Emily here.


8 thoughts on “F.A.C.E Abu Dhabi

  1. Good Evening! just want to ask what other courses you offered every Friday and what are requirements needed if I plan to enroll. Thanks


  2. Wow. Thank you My dear Fiyoleta.. Nagtataka lang ako nung gingawa ko ang project ko, mga 5 pics mo ang di ko maisave after I edited and put in my lay out…


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