Facebook Notifications

I heard a friend once saying that his greatest fear is to be offline for some time and find only 10 Facebook notifications.

Funny but true.

Man’s search for relevance has found its way in little red boxes. For a non-working person like me, those red buttons popping up in my screen spice up my life.

So I opened my page after being internet-less for some days and found the numbers satisfying.

Sadly, my notifications are spamvertisements – updates from everyone that I’m just too lazy to unsubscribe from manually. The only message I was too excited to open was from my sister. And it was just a medley of superlative emotions.

Man’s relevance is not measured by FB notifications. It is measured by how many messages you get from your family – messages that are not waaaaaaaaahhh!!!

I have none.

Either my family forgot about me or they do not have internet. I like to believe it’s the latter.


At least my blog is getting hits even when I haven’t updated for days.

Thank you, readers, for giving me back my relevance.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Notifications

  1. walang internet matagal bago nagkaron dahil sa magkakasunod na bagyo! tas nasira laptop… syempre miss ka nmin! tsaka lagi pala nag oof-network bakit ganun? badtrip conektion.


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