I’m a Skater

In-line skating that is.

My brother and I used to skate. We weren’t pros but we knew how to speed up, go down slopes, mini ramps and stairs. He taught me how to do the circle/twirl breaks and some dangerous stunts. When his only pair of roller blades broke, our skating evenings came to an end.

I haven’t done it in years but once the blades were on, I wheeled away, rusty at first then soon with grace. I guess it’s like learning to bike, once you learn, you’ll never completely forget.

So I’m giving my two big-bodied buddies a chance to learn the art of skating.

And when they stop holding on to rails and wobbling like giant penguins in wheels, I will challenge them to a twirling competition.

These muscled men were actually so cute to watch as they try to keep their asses off the floor. Next time I will raffle tickets to this show.

Forgive me, commander and my captain.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Skater

  1. I remember being so envious at the skaters in the rink in Baguio and wishing I also had skates or money to rent them. I think now it would be better to learn how to ride a bike instead.


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