Wedding Vows and High School Stalkers

Here are long overdue answers to some of your questions!

Post wedding duties are just as hard as the preps. I haven’t finished picking photos for my wedding album yet, but once I finish that, our wedding website is next in line. Everything would be in there! I hope you’d still be interested when that century time arrives. Haha.


I would like you to meet someone who has been up all morning and he is so puyat from all the visitors lurking within his territory during his sleeping time.


O hello, Jev! Did you mean when I looked like this? Haha. I still remember going to our classes in full jersey uniform, with my glorious sunburn and manly legs.


Hello grade school classmate (or another Mika who is not my grade school classmate)! That statement from this post is controversial so I’d rather show you the two who are looking for someone to marry. Presenting ze beautiful ladies! Now, go on and connect the dots.


Here is a high school ID picture. Ugly Betty looks prettier than me. So depressing. And yet I have a pile of love letters hidden in my treasure chest and I had passionate stalkers following me around in motorcycles and climbing walls of my house. The question is, WHY?!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I looked in high school. Really, guys, you love embarrassing me this much? Haha. I’m a good sport so enjoy it while it lasts. Or should I just say, I was drop dead gorgeous in high school.

Children, lesson of the day is do looks really matter? l have always been taught NO. But I got married 10 months after I learned how to use an eyeliner.


Thanks for asking! To ask me more, go here.


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