I Am A Shy Blogger

It’s a humbling experience when people tell me they are readers of my blog.

For someone who sits in front of a laptop and spends hours creating a single post to broadcast to the world, the greatest pleasure is seeing the faces of my readers.

After the noon service last Friday, I was trying to make my way through the crowd of after-church chit-chatters when someone called my name. I turned around and saw a pretty face smiling at me. I smiled back and ransacked my brain in an attempt to place this unfamiliar face. She spoke, introduced herself and said,

”I read your blog.”

I was obviously flattered and I didn’t know what to say. I reached out my hands to shake hers and kept on smiling. She spoke again.

”So you go to church here. I was the one who asked the question about what church you go to.”

Stammering, I said hers was actually the next question I would answer in my ASK ME but I was still waiting for photos. True statement.

I wanted so bad to talk to her but my mouth won’t move. My smile (which was genuine, mind you) was plastered on my face. Seconds later we parted ways, declaring how nice it was meeting each other.

To the sweet person I met at the churchyard last Friday, I apologize for not getting your name right. Was it Faye or Faith? I’m sorry for not answering your ASK ME question yet but know that I’m reserving it for a more meaningful post. I’m sorry that I awkwardly stood there frozen. I may seem like a talky chirpy person but in real life I’m actually very shy. *cough, cough*

I am living proof that the internet can greatly affect the social skills and interpersonal relationships of people. It is easier to whine, complain and fight with someone in Facebook than in real life. It is more convenient to invite people to your events or declare opinions through Twitter. It is effortless to admire or appreciate others by clicking on that thumbs up icon. We are interactive human beings and the internet is playing the role as our surrogate reality.

I need to re-learn my people skills. The next time any of you see me in the streets, don’t be shy to come talk to me so I can practice being a flesh and blood talking person. I will try so hard not to awkwardly stand frozen in front of you so I won’t have to apologize again through the World Wide Web.



Her name is Fhaye 🙂


12 thoughts on “I Am A Shy Blogger

    1. ahm.. as far as i know, wala. hehe 😀 i just saw your blog one day and natuwa ako sa mga entries mu, so i read everything 🙂 anyway, you’re very pretty pala sa personal 🙂


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