Egypt, God Knows You By Name

Dear God,

I’m sorry that sometimes I get so self-centered I forget that the world is bigger than me.

Egypt is back in their square and I cry witnessing footage of the bloody battle. I know you mourn more than me, because all I see is a crowd of faces, but you see them and you know them by name – every single one of them.

You know their nicknames, you know their last names. You know the names of their fathers and mothers.

You know the name of this man left dying in the middle of the street, dragged like an animal to the side. You know his dreams for his family and his plans to travel the world.

You know the names of teenagers and children who decided their lives are worth dying for their country. You know their birthdays, secret crushes and hated subjects.

You know the names of these women who took courage and faced the big possibility of them taking bullets. You know the colors of their hairs and the skills of their hands.

You know the names of voluntary doctors and medical workers who toil day and night in makeshift centers. You know their fears and anxiety as bodies come in one after the other.

You know the names of each one who carried strangers, nursed the wounded and offered touch of comfort to the dying. You know their hobbies, their sports and their favorite music.

You know the names of these military people, their bravery as they follow commands, their brutality as they beat people with sticks and their anguish as they fight for their own lives. You know the names of their wives, the names of their kids.

And I’m sure you know the name of my husband who is glued to the News day and night, grieving for his countrymen. You know his innermost thoughts that if given the opportunity he would fly home and add to the voices in the streets. You know his ideals and his hopes for a better country to go home to someday.

I know Egypt is capable of democracy but it will be a long journey.

So God have mercy. Be the hands that protect them from the barbaric beatings. Be the shield that cover them from the many tear gas. Be their life-vest from all the stray bullets. Be the conscience of their military leaders. And be the end to this unfinished revolution.

I believe you love Egypt and its people for you know them by name. And I pray that they too would come to know your Name.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14


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