Coca Cola: The OFW Project

If multi-billion companies would do this every year, lot of Filipino families will have a merrier Christmas.

Now, isn’t it more meaningful to have that carbonated soft drink in your Noche Buena this year?

That is what effective advertisement is all about.


4 thoughts on “Coca Cola: The OFW Project

  1. i hope i can also get the chance to go home for free in the Philippines, 5 yrs abroad and didn’t go home yet for the money for the plane ticket is too expensive it is already a big amount of money. i’d rather send it to my kids back home in the PH. i’m very happy for the winners .


  2. Have to give points to Coca-cola Marketing for this campaign, we almost forgot how they stole millions from the Filipino people through illegal importing of raw materials and tax evasion. My whole province suffered a terrible hit–losing jobs and massive financial losses. My marketing mind applauds this brilliant campaign, but my heart goes out my people.


  3. Wow. Nakakaiyak naman. I can feel overwhelming love and sincerity in the video. So beautiful. Hopefully, ganito din ang gawin ng ibang mga companies. Ang galing ng Coca-cola, nakatulong na nakapag-advertise pa. ^_^


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