A Night in the Sidewalk (UAE National Day 2011)

The dark night was brightened up by glowing lights and illuminated fountains. The parks were full of families gathered around their own barbecues and shishas.

Slow-moving cars filled the streets, honking loudly both at the traffic and for the fun of it. People lined the sidewalks, watching as decorated cars go by. Children sat atop waving flags and blowing horns.

The air was cold and chilly as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He pulled her closer before she gets lost in the crowd. They slowly walked towards the main road where the cars had their spray wars.

They stopped beside the people and watched as the locals had their fun, leaving their cars in the middle of the street, running around barefooted and aiming party sprays at each other in blissful delight.

She heard him sigh and she knew exactly what he was thinking about.

”Last year, we weren’t standing here in the sidewalk watching from afar. Last year, we were those cars, with unlimited supply of snow cans, spraying crazy at the locals.”

They both knew it was a game they couldn’t afford this year.

She looked up at the face of the man who at this night exactly a year ago, entered her life without warning. She answered with her thoughts,

”Last year we were both strangers to each other. At the end of that night we both went home to our own miserable lives.”

They stood there silent for a few more minutes. She tugged at his arm. It was time to go home.

They slowly walked their way again through the crowd.

He gazed at the colorful lights all around him. He remembered he still had to put up their very first Christmas tree which she bullied him into buying the night before. A gust of wind blew across her face and she tightened her grip around his waist. She thought of warm milk, french fries and snuggle in the couch.

They walked into their building and the guard smiled as he closed the door behind them.


To watch what happened exactly a year ago, click here.


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