My Husband is Tsismoso

One night while my husband and I were preparing to sleep, I blurted out…

Me: I have tsismis!

Him: (Looks at me with a big question mark) What’s that cheese mess?

Me: TSISMIS! Remember you’re tsismoso?

He denies it to death so I changed the topic and closed my eyes to sleep. Suddenly I felt a whisper in my ear.

Him: Hun, tell me. What’s the tsismis?

Oh yes, he relentlessly pleaded until I spilled the information.

The next day.

Him: Where were you?

Me: I was talking to the guards (in our building).

Him: (With a very firm tone) I told you not to stay there and talk to them for hours.

Me: It’s not hours, just 45 minutes.

Him: I said no.


Me: Ok then, I won’t tell you the tsismis.

Him: (Change tone to very friendly) What’s the tsismis? What did the guard say? Come on, tell me fast!

My husband is so tsismoso.


9 thoughts on “My Husband is Tsismoso

  1. Hahahahahaha kuya when and where you did learn to tsismis ha. Ikaw ate kung ano ano ang tinuturo mo kay kuya hahaha. Ano nga ba ung tsismis kuya?hahahaha


  2. Hahaha hay kuya when and where did you learn how to tsismis hahaha. Ikaw talaga ate kung ano ano tinuturo kay kuya. Ano nga ba ung tsimis? Hahahaha


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