Christmas Spirit in Abu Dhabi

This December marks my second Christmas away from home. There is no easy and brave way to say this but no matter how Abu Dhabi tries to glitter up their malls and hotels, the Christmas spirit is not here at all.

Gigantic and overly decorated Christmas trees do not make Christmas, Christmas. Boots, scarves and mufflers do not make Christmas, Christmas. What citizens here fail to understand is that the Christmas spirit is created by the people not by money or what it could buy.

Until I see with my own eyes a local Emirati who would genuinely smile at a stranger on the street and say ”Merry Christmas” will I be convinced that there is hope for a joyful spirit in the desert.

The chances of that happening is so small I could bet my husband’s car on it. That’s how stuck-up people can be in this part of the world.

So what does the frustrated me do? I make the most out of it. I will be kind and joyful and will fill my home with Christmas carols. I will refuse to let my habitually annoying housemate (a.k.a. husband) destroy my Christmas spirit!

All for love and the Christ of Christmas!


One thought on “Christmas Spirit in Abu Dhabi

  1. I guess the spirit of Christmas must first be in our hearts. I’m not feeling the spirit of Christmas either, and I’m Pinas. I’m sure it’s much more difficult there, however.


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