Two Days vs Two Years

When my little nephews and nieces look forward to a certain event, they would count days depending on how many ”sleeps” they have to do.

Like if they know they’re going swimming on the weekend, we would say, ”you sleep 5 more days.”

Zion and I were talking through Skype one day…

Zion: Tita (auntie), when are you coming home?

Me: You still have to wait many days.

Zion: How many sleeps?

Me: Maybe two years. That’s many…

He shrieked in excitement and jumped up and down.

Zion: Yehey! Two days! Two more sleeps! (Counts with his fingers) I will sleep one and then two..

Me: Wait, wait… I said two YEARS, not two days.

He stopped and sat down. His radiant face turned into a puzzled look.

Zion: Two years?

Me: Yes, two years not two days.

He turned around and asked his mom.

Zion: Mommy, what is YEARS?

He looked back at me really confused.

Zion: How many sleep is YEARS?

I was speechless.

My heart melted seeing his perplexed little face.


7 thoughts on “Two Days vs Two Years

  1. aaaaawwww… Paano kaya ‘pag nalaman niya na ang 2 years ay katumbas ng 730 sleepssssssssssssssss??? ;C I recognize that pic, it was during your dinner party. Super pogi ni Zion! ^_^


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