2011 Christmas Project: My Rocking Tree

This year, my challenge was to decorate my tree without spending.

I wasn’t 100% successful. I ended up buying Christmas lights because I didn’t know how to produce lights out of nothing. Yet, I bought the cheapest ones in the market.

Everything else were recycled garbage, trashed wrappings and ribbons from a gift shop and things I scavenged around my house.


Even if nothing under that tree is a real present, I thank the Lord for the gift of creativity, free time and a husband who scatters my snow yet comes home each day saying ”wow”!

In the beginning there was nothing. Watch and see!


Happy rocking round your own Christmas trees, everyone!


8 thoughts on “2011 Christmas Project: My Rocking Tree

  1. I remember when we were young we’d have the lights on maybe 30 minutes a day then turn it off to conserve energy. But the time it was lighted was really special. We’d sit around and bathe in the light, hahaha.


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