Papa Noel


I announced that to my husband as I got into bed with him last night. He extended his arms around me for my pillow like he always does and asked,

”Where’s Papa Noel?”

I stopped for a second and wondered who Papa Noel was. Was he talking about my dad? Or his dad?

”Who’s Papa Noel?” I asked.

”Papa Noel.”

He answered bluntly like I should know. The only person I know (that he knows) named Noel is the guard in the other building. So why the sudden interest with the whereabouts of the guard downstairs?

I asked him again who Papa Noel was.

”Papa Noel… the one who’s gonna bring me gifts.”

Oh, so that’s Papa Noel. Hahaha.

In my 25 years of existence, I don’t think Santa has ever been given that name. I guess the Christmas carols constantly being played at home got him all mixed up.

I hugged him back laughing so hard. I like how this big man makes me laugh every night. Tonight he reminded me that it’s our first Christmas as a married couple.

I don’t think I need Papa Noel to give me a gift anymore, I already got what I wished for.

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