Banana Porridge

In the Captain’s attempt to eat healthy food, he bought this against my wishes (I found it a bit costly).

It said ”no added sugar, no added salt, no additives” so I left him to his adventure.

Only when we got home did he carefully read the box. That was when he realized he made a mistake.

It was baby food!

He ate half a bowl and gave up. Little did he know that his blooper gave someone else a thrill. Who else love baby food more than me! I remember times when I’d secretly eat Gerber with the baby I’m feeding. Also, during my hell weeks in college, I indulged myself with Cerelac to lessen exam stress.

I just got myself a week’s supply of healthy baby porridge!

Baby food is therapeutic. It’s like the spa of the mouth. It relaxes your tongue and gives your molars a time-off from chewing.

You should try it sometimes!


4 thoughts on “Banana Porridge

  1. bakit ako hindi ko talaga magustuhan ang pagkaing pang baby…(?) amuse nga ako ky doreekipedia talagang bumibili ng cerelac at gerber.waaah!eewk!


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