Lunch at Yas Island

One cold day in December, the boys and I went out to lunch.

You’ve met the guy in the left, Faour, my husband’s roommate of 3 years. His wife, Huda, went home to the US for the holidays so we try to keep him company to cheer him up.

The man in the middle is Eng. Noor. He is my husband’s dad-friend. He played a very special role in the romantic development of me and that muscled guy in the right.

When the Captain and I started dating I had a lot of doubts about him. At that time, I had enough experience to say that most men of their culture are audacious and overbearing. It didn’t help that people around me didn’t like him because of his nationality.

Engr. Noor vouched for his character.

”Marry him. He is a good guy. If he does anything wrong you can blame it on me. I know him like a son and I am telling you, he is very good.”

He didn’t lie. The only thing I blame him for now is my happiness.

Sizzling Mexican fajitas.

I love dining out with other people. It is the only time I could eat dessert without my husband physically pushing me away from the food.

It was a fine day.

Bromancing again.

Stomach full. Hello, added pounds, it’s nice to see you again.

Thanks for the treat, Engr. Noor!

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