Pretty and Poor: The Not So Perfect Combination

Yesterday, I was left to wander the earth without money… again.

The story has too many plots and characters involved, too complicated to relay. Cut this untold story short, after hours of armpit sweat, someone finally returned my emergency call.

My former roommate who lived just across my location was kind enough to lend me a few Dirhams. FYI, the money was neither for shopping nor self-indulgence. I thanked her like crazy and promised to return the money that same night as soon as my husband got out of his office.

As we parted ways she humorously called out,

”Ang ganda ganda mong babae, wala kang pera!”

You are such a pretty lady but with no money!

I laughed, tossed my Divisoria (flea market) stylish scarf around my neck and paraded away with my ukay-ukay (bargain-bought) leather boots.

Don’t be fooled by the looks that I got.

Lesson of the day: Do not let your husband snitch away your emergency money. And let him understand that emergency money won’t be called emergency money if it’s given AFTER an emergency.

Real lesson of the day: Get a job!


4 thoughts on “Pretty and Poor: The Not So Perfect Combination

  1. if you were an electronic engineer, I could hook you up with $280 a month, tax free, long distance, your own time, part time, job


  2. looks can be decieving…hehehehehehe…okie lang yan importante maganda ka!pangit ka na nga wala ka pa pera ano nalang mangyayari sayo???hehehehehe…lab u bebe!!!:)


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