The Only Normal Person in Belgium

Belgium has been one of my favorite countries since I was a kid. From Belgium came our supply of balloons, photo albums, rulers, pens, crayons, spoons, forks, soccer balls, chocolates… you name it!

All these are packed in a box and sent to the Philippines by a very loving couple – Luc and Elisabeth Decorte.

I always look forward to summers when they’d fly to the Philippines for vacation. They may come from a kingdom of European bureaucrats but when they’re in my small provincial town, they become one of us.

Uncle Luc is a very funny person. I remember first meeting him when I was little and shy, but he’d always make me and my sister laugh that eventually we followed him around all the time.

Now that I’m all grown up and married, he still makes me laugh. This was his birthday note for me last year.

Weeks ago, we were talking about the gunman in Belgium who open fired, killing five people including himself, a toddler, and wounding 123 others. This was what he had to say (posted with permission).

Just recently, he opened a blog for himself and when I clicked on it, his theme was flashy pink! I gave him a heads-up.

My life isn’t dull because I have the only normal person in Belgium as an uncle!

Do you have a funny uncle who spices up your life?


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