Blanket Just For You

We only have one blanket at home.

During our movie time, I asked my husband to bring it to the sala because I was cold. After the movie, he went ahead to our room to sleep while I stayed to chat online with friends.

Hours later I heard him moaning for something. I went to the room to see him curled up in bed, FROZEN. I totally forgot about our single shared blanket and had it to myself the entire time. This is how patient and enduring my husband is. Care like this comes naturally to him, it always touches my heart.

Life provides us with lots of blankets. But what matters is not how many you have but how many you’ve shared.

What are your blankets in life? How often do you sacrifice your needs for the comfort of others?

Here’s a simple step towards that direction, a gift you can give someone to lessen the chill of these days.

A home filled with love starts with a blanket of warmth… shared.


6 thoughts on “Blanket Just For You

  1. Wala ba kayong heater sa room?
    Kung mura lang magpadala, I’d send you a polyester fleece blanket. Mura lang sa Baguio.
    Layer on the thermal underwear, sando, t-shirt, sweater, jacket, vest, scarf, hat and pants next time and let Sam have the blanket, hehe.


    1. no heater 😦 kasi 9 months na hot as hell din kasi so people welcome the cold. I just have very low tolerance for the chill. Ooonga! Favorite ko baguio blankets!


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