Don’t Let Your Bible Gather Dust!

Start of the year and I’m re-reading my Bible. I used to read 2-3 chapters a day, in a rush to finish it all. But this time, I’m taking it slow.

For more than a week I’ve studied Genesis 1. It’s amazing how only one chapter could lead me to learn about Evolution, Darwinism, Paleontology and Astrology. In the end, the order and pattern of the whole universe, prove that I was fashioned by an intelligent and purposeful Creator, not by random occurences of quarks and electrons.

Only an intelligent Designer could create a just-right universe for me, not ”chance.”

For many people, the Bible is a scary book. It will be if your Bible looks like this…

The Bible is not at all scary. In fact, it is full of adventure, history, drama, poetry, romance and even comedy which could speak to you in a very personal way. That is why the Bibles today are less intimidating and more user-friendly.

For different members of the family…

For different walks of life…

For different artistic tastes…

International publishers offer us with a lot of customized covers and bindings. Each of these still have the same content. They only vary in their personalized resources, notes and commentary to help you answer your thousand questions.

For people like me who asks a lot, I recommend the QUEST Study Bible. If you’re someone who wants to know how the verses relate to your life, go for the LIFE APPLICATION Bible. And if you’re a person who travels, or needs to bring the Bible to school as a requirement, get the handy BACKPACK Bible.

Good news for you! This week is the National Bible Week at OMF Literature.

Promos like these makes me wish there’s an OMF Lit Bookstore in Abu Dhabi.

So to you who have the privilege, don’t let this chance slip away. Visit the bookstore now and start your New Year with a Bible-reading bang!


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