UAAP Ateneo Football Team Games Schedule

It’s university football season once again in the Philippines!

I feel so old, I recognize only 3 faces in the current team, 2 of which have graduated and I guess are coaching staff.

Random photos I got from the team’s page.

I’ve always thought that the prettiest women of all the Ateneo sports teams are the Blue Eagle Lady Booters.

On the field they’re hardcore.

During weights training, they’re tenacious.

But off the field and off the gym, they’re superbly sexy and stunning!

I invite you to watch their games. Bring your friends and cheer for us!

Easy way to reach the field is: go to Katipunan, QC and ride the trike to Ateneo High School field. Or go earlier and cross that bridge beside Jollibee and walk to the field. Just ask the guards where the football games are. Guards there are 100% helpful and friendly.

Halikinu Kinikina Halikinu Kinikina
Yea bo yea bo Ateneo rah rah rah!


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