Telephone Job Interview

Many people fail to treat a telephone interview with sufficient seriousness. They don’t realize that it requires as much preparation as a face-to-face interview.

Phone interviews are the screening process of a hiring committee, especially for a position where there’s a lot of candidates.

Here’s a checklist of things to prepare for a phone interview.

1. Cheat sheets – Grab the advantage because interviewers can’t see you.

2. Recording Camera – Watch yourself after and check your blunders and squirm at your answers.

3. Water (which I drank already) – don’t drink too much or else you’ll need to pee.

4. Pen and paper – Jot down each question you need to answer.

I  forgot to use my pen and paper that’s why I got lost a few times while delivering my speech from my cheat sheets. After my responses, I’d find myself wondering if I did answer the question.

Here’s a more helpful video:

Be prepared and ace that interview!


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