Don Moen & Friends in Abu Dhabi

Last month I wrote about wanting tickets to this concert. This became an early Valentines date for me and my husband.

Don Moen’s first time in Abu Dhabi and it was a sell-out crowd! Together with world-renown musician-traveller Benny Prasad and the legendary Lenny LeBlanc, he led the international crowd to a night of exceedingly joyful worship and overflowing praise to the God who never sleeps and never slumbers.

In a country where social class is a big issue and a major source of conflict, it’s  overwhelming to see all the different races gathered together with one heart and one voice, knowing that in the sight of God, rich or poor, black or white, everyone is equal.

Watch the highlights of the night!

4 thoughts on “Don Moen & Friends in Abu Dhabi

  1. don moen concert was realy great his music his a great worship with our lord and god will make a way were there seems to be no way that song of Don moens as seen me through lots in my life. and God as took me places in life
    I hope we see more of Don moen in the U.A.E
    thank you Don moen for all your worship songs
    angie dubaia


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