Don Moen Concert in Abu Dhabi

This is the most exciting news I’ve heard since the start of the New Year!

I lost a part of my 2010 prayer journal and I badly wish I had it now just to show you why. I specifically wrote down Don Moen concert (together with Steve Green, Tommy Walker and Casting Crowns) in Abu Dhabi. Truly, God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

I had been praying for something like this to happen for a lot of reasons. It amazes me how small my prayers may be but when God answers, He does in a way that tells me, ”I hear you.”

Almost all the big concerts happen in Dubai. Don Moen in ABU DHABI is God’s way of personally saying, ”I have you in mind.” This is not bragging, but proof that he indeed indulges His children.

I grew up with Don Moen’s voice, played almost everyday at home. With his songs, I have been comforted, rebuked, encouraged over and over. I was in his 2007 concert in the Philippines after my dad died and it was an uplifting experience.

Now I am so ecstatic, I am pacing back and forth wishing I have tickets before it gets jam-packed. I am pretty sure a lot of people are thirsty from this side of the world! I just need TWO tickets, just two.

If you are seeking, missing or just wanting to be where He is, this is an event you must not miss.

God is good? All the time! And all the time…


We got two tickets! See the story here.


16 thoughts on “Don Moen Concert in Abu Dhabi

  1. I had missed the concert in 2010 as I was traveling to India that day.
    God made a way for me to be part of the concert on 10th. The evening was magical and awesome.
    The venue AFOC was the perfect venue and I praise God for that.
    He surely heard our pleas and made this happen.

    Don Moen Praise and Worship songs are a daily part of my life I spend Two hours listening to his songs onmy way and from work everyday. I mad add that I am truly blessed.

    Hope to see you all in Abu Dhabi every year

    God bless you all abundantly.

    Janet DeCruz
    Abu Dhabi


    1. It was indeed! we just got home 🙂 The crowd was overwhelming! It was nice seeing fellow believers worship with one heart! God bless you too 🙂


  2. Wow. im sure, worship experience ito!
    Teka, congratulations nga pala sa pagkakapasa mo sa interview sa Etihad ha? yey! galing mo talaga!

    Anu nga pala pangalan ng church mo jan?
    May kaibigan ako jan sa qatar kasi


    1. Oonga kuya arch! Mamaya na ito, am super excited kaso etong asawa ko tulog pa at malamang mamayang hapon pa gigising. haha. but nalang gabi ang concert.

      nakupo! chihismis nanaman ako ni kuya! shhh.. quiet ka lang. haha, wla pang formalities. 2 church ako dito, isang pang international tska isang pangpinoy. Evangelical Community Church and The Filipino Church

      Kuya abu dhabi, UAE ako. ang qatar nasa kabilang bansa pa yun 🙂


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