Frustrated Job Seeker?



For the past 5 months since I started looking for a job this is what I felt like 6 days a week.

The job search process is a very disheartening task especially when rejection letters come to you one after the other. Still I’d rather receive rejection mails than nothing at all. That’s the frustrating part, when you don’t know if you’re waiting for something or nothing. It’s a daily battle.

If you had to have only one attitude to survive job hunting, I’d say BE AGGRESSIVE. 

Being aggressive means:

  • Perfect your resume! Check outline and grammar.
  • Sit in front of your computer and send, send, send!
  • Go to your ”dream” workplaces and give your resumes.
  • Attend job fairs or recruitment shows even the worthless ones. Get freebies to compensate your bad feelings.
  • Go to as many interviews as you can even of jobs you don’t like. The practice will definitely sharpen your communication skills.
  • On days when you don’t feel like hunting, rest aggressively and re-fuel until the day the desire comes back.
  • On days when you’re on fire to get a job, take advantage of the eagerness and send, send, send.
  • When a company rejects you for one position, apply for another position. A day might come when they get tired of discarding your resume that they’d resort to hiring you.
  • Jog or work out. Exercise produces endorphins which make people happy. Happy people are positive and productive people.
  • Pray. Spend quiet time with God. Ask people to pray for you. I believe God won’t give you the best of jobs until He sees that you are spiritually ready for it.

In being aggressive, opportunities will eventually open for you. And when you see or hear this…

You’ll look back and remember that particular moment, one time, one day when you fought boredom and frustration and clicked the send button or walked-into a company. You’ll be thankful you were aggressive.

Thanks for asking! To ask me more, go here.


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