Learning the Art of Sewing

I just finished sewing holes and fixing loose buttons on my husband’s clothes.

I love hand sewing, just the minor tailoring. Whenever my clothes need a few adjustments or a little design, I’d happily bring out my threads and needles and start sewing.

Having the skills to tack and stitch made me thankful I went to a public high school. I remember one day asking my teacher why my high school was named ”General Comprehensive?” What makes it different from other schools?

General comprehensive high schools offer extra livelihood-related subjects like home economics, cosmetology, carpentry, wood-works, painting and all those income-generating craft works.

That time, being an egoistic science (higher class) student, I felt I was too cool for that.

In my freshman Home Technology subject, our final project was to make our own polo shirt from scratch. In my sophomore year, we had to make a pair of short pants.

Armed with all my tailoring tools, I’d go to these classes half-heartedly thinking what’s the point of all these when my dream had nothing to do with becoming a seamstress someday

Thankfully, my teachers made the learning process fun. Along the way I discovered fun facts like I had the widest shoulder width in the whole class. I also had the biggest thigh diameter. Haha.

I learned how T-square differ from L-square. I identified when to use running stitches and half stitches. I discovered I was addicted to the back-stitch and would soon back-stitch all my future outfits.

At the end of each year, when the final projects were ready to wear, what pride I felt knowing I created fashion with my own hands.

Today I look back and I remember all the clothes I rescued, all the fabric arts I created, all the money I saved and all the wifely sewing-duties I could carry out in the future just because of the basic sewing skills I learned in Home Tech.

I owe this to my high school teachers who taught me how to make shirts and shorts.

Someday I want to be just like them!


3 thoughts on “Learning the Art of Sewing

  1. Thanks for the picture and names of differnt stitches! I’m trying to write an article explaining how to use an awl (I seem to get into all kinds of crazy projects), and it was quite helpful.


  2. Wow, am envious. I HATE sewing. All the buttons I sew come off.

    Did you really sew shorts that look like the pic? Hindi lang ba yung boxer-type (elastic waistband)?


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