A Review: Serene Beauty & Spa

Ever since the ”winter” started, I’ve been complaining about how stiff my back has become. I feel like I was carrying one big backpack of lactic acid.

Every night I’d intentionally whimper just to get my husband to massage me. Eventually he got tired of being my personal masseur that one day he came home from the office and presented me this voucher.

The next day he drove me there.

From the outside it looked like a normal Abu Dhabi Spa and Salon. But when I walked in and was guided to the underground spa, I was surprised at how exquisite it was. I’ve been to almost a dozen salon and spa in Abu Dhabi and this one so far is the best I’ve seen. It’s a 5-star (hotelish) spa in the middle of the city!

They provide you with a robe, disposable slippers (which I loved and took home) and disposable underwears.

The corridor leading to my room.

My room had its own shower inside. That’s a rare find here.

That’s my Thai masseur. I am so bad with names, I forgot her pretty name. She was so kind and we had fun talking about her life, my husband, my life and her boyfriend. It was classic Spa talk.

That’s me wrapped like a shrimp served in a dining table. Haha.

The ambiance was warm and the silence relaxing.

The massage was so good I didn’t want it to end. After my scrub and all, I toured the place.

This is the waiting area.

That is me lactic acid-free and dirt-free, ready to be picked up by the sweetest spa sponsor of all.

The tea was also the best service-tea I’ve tasted. No, it wasn’t Lipton.

Above the spa, which is the ground area, is the salon.

The people here are happy friendly! All smiles and all out!

They offer irresistible monthly promos like this (for the month of March)…

Here’s a map going there.

I strongly recommend this place. It is worth the try and believe me, you will want to come back!

To know more, visit their Facebook page here.


9 thoughts on “A Review: Serene Beauty & Spa

  1. Dear Violet, it was our pleasure treating you and this review is just the best we have ever been introduced with! we are so pleased to see such a great review that we wouldn’t know how to thank you best!! We wish to see you very soon at Serene Beauty N Spa :)) our most sincere regards, Nadine & Joseph D’souza “owners”


  2. Roxanne Pescador Abad-Hidalgo: Nice of your husband to treat and pampering you. Hope I can also get one from my hubby, but I doubt its not cheap to go to spa here.


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