Wanted: Filipina Girlfriend in Exchange for Money

Always be careful of things you post in social networks because they might end up in my blog. Even if you delete the thread to save your face, if it hits a nerve (mine especially), it will resurface permanently here.

A few more people commented. This guy then starts retorting.

I tried replying but the post was deleted.

Dear desperate person,

1. You can’t even fight intellectually you end up using profanity? And you’re willing to pay a Filipina allowance just to be your girlfriend? GO GET AN EDUCATION and use your money to pay tuition fees. You’ll be spending years flunking GMRC (Good Moral & Right Conduct).

2. True, there is a big percentage of Filipinas willing to exchange dignity with money in the Gulf Area but that is because there is a bigger percentage of men like you from this region who PAY for love lust because no one could genuinely love you.

3. Hello? Do you really think Filipinas are poor and desperate?

See this Filipina? All your money, past and future, would not be enough to spoil her. Plus, her kid is even richer that you, he should give you allowance.

This Filipina is so rich she can buy you. Ask her to be your girlfriend and powerful punches will spoil your face. But she can also buy you a new face.

Oh I could still go on and on…

But I don’t think your allowance is enough to pay me for time spent on you. So off I go leaving you in your poor unfortunate single status.


8 thoughts on “Wanted: Filipina Girlfriend in Exchange for Money

  1. hi violet, ive read your blog and i strongly agree with u…ive been in dubai before and i had indecent proposals as well from those desperate persons…and of course i turned them down…to all of them:DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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