Fear of the Headlines

Saw this in the news days ago.

I found it interesting because I didn’t know there was actually an imaginary fear of having bad breath. I know about Halitosis, I just didn’t know there was a Halitophobia.

However, what really bothered me was the writer putting a particular race in the headline. For what purpose?

Good editors have the ability to adjust their write-ups according to their readers. This article is posted in a national newspaper in a country where racism is as aggressive as cavities. Do you think the Indians would appreciate reading about their health issues here? This kind of information can be easily generalized to ”save face.”

I wouldn’t want this on national newspaper:

”Fear of athlethe’s foot haunts millions of Filipinos.”

Or would you want this on your paper?

”Fear of body odor haunts millions of Arabs.”

2 thoughts on “Fear of the Headlines

  1. You can see that the articles was written in New Delhi and is distributed by an Indian news service. The study is probably based in India too, and only Indians were studied and so it might not be applicable in other areas. Where was this published?


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