UAE Carrefour’s Loyalty Card

If you’re one of those gadget geeks who love buying techies from Carrefour, or if you consistently shop there, might as well have this!

The Carrefour MyCLUB loyalty card is free of charge for life and is ready to avail upon request in participating stores for any person who is 21 years of age. It is strictly one loyalty account number per household (same address). The subscriber will be issued with four physical cards (one big and 3 small) with the same loyalty account number, for the subscriber and the household.

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5 thoughts on “UAE Carrefour’s Loyalty Card

  1. I need a ‘my club’ card please because I don’t have enough space in my phone kindly essue my card plz.i am your regular customer. My contact no. mail id is `’
    I am waiting your reply and I need card please.
    Imran Ali…


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