Violetology Turns Two!

I should have posted this at the start of the month but I forgot all about it ’till today 😦

This month of April is my blog’s birth month in Abu Dhabi!

In celebration of my second year of blabbering, I will give away a gift – for readers in Abu Dhabi only. You know I do appreciate you (to the nth power) wherever you are in the globe, but I can’t afford international/other-emirates shipping right now.

This is out of the original package but still almost brand new (used only once). Why am I giving this away?

1. Because I have nothing else expensive & useful to give away.

2. Because I’m weird.

3. Because I want to thank my Abu Dhabi readers.

BaByliss Hair Dryer Ionic Ceramic Features:

  • 2 speeds, 3 heat
  • Cool shot
  • Rubber touch handle
  • Removable rear filter
  • Color: black and chrome
  • Suspension ring

Has been used to style this person’s vavavooom hair 🙂


1. Open for readers from Abu Dhabi only.

2. Just send me a photo of you saying ”I read Violetology” Like this: 3.  Most creative photo will win! Like this:

Free delivery within Abu Dhabi City. Winner also gets the chance for a FREE promo/advertisement about anything on this blog.

Send your photos to:

Subject: Violetology Contest

Happy 2nd birthday to us!


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