Don’t Give Me Just a Job

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you” (John 15:7)

When I was little, my parents always taught us to pray specific prayers. At a young age, whenever I prayed, I made checklists or cut pictures to make sure my prayers are as precise as they can be.

Last year when I started my long journey of job hunting, I made a checklist.

People who are working here in Abu Dhabi know the pains of getting into a really good company and how almost 90% of the hiring companies aren’t really geared towards taking care of their employees’ welfare and career development.

A lot of us here also know that job descriptions aren’t really followed. Unfortunately, the Filipinos who are Jack of all trades fall victims to these unorganized divisions of labor.

So late last year, when I started praying for my next job (which will be my 3rd official job), I told God I wanted something that would last long in my resume. I told him I did not want an ordinary job, a job that made me feel disposable. I told him I wanted a job that if judged according to my skills and abilities, will be impossible to get. I told him I wanted a job that only he can give.

8 months later, he didn’t only tick my checklist one by one but he exceeded my expectations and directed me to a job position wherein I was least qualified and an industry that is totally new to me. And yet he led me into this huge company that is today, one of the best and fastest growing in the UAE.

Today concludes my 3 days of induction program. Yes, 3 days of welcome, of just introducing the company, its systems and policies. It’s that big!

It was amazing!

God granted me this favor not because I deserve it but because he wants to prove that he listens to my every request. He is real and nothing is coincidence.

I share this today because God is waiting for your checklists. Align your heart to him, pray the right prayers and I tell you, when God ticks your boxes, you will fall deeper in love with him.


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