The Supportive Husband

Two months ago my husband, on his lunch break, drove me to a job interview outside of the city. Days later when I received the good news, he exclaimed happily,

”You need to buy new clothes for work!”

Weeks later after his shopping campaign, he gave me reviewers to prepare me for my new job.

And sat by me on days when I pretended to study. (I was just there for the coffee.)

He remained the constant and the familiar when my world started to change.

And now he wakes up early in the morning just to bring me to work.

He was and never is an early bird. So I know that everytime he opens his eyes in the morning and drags himself to the shower, one hour earlier than his usual wake up time, he is making the ultimate sacrifice.

First Day Work

Thank you, Cap.


6 thoughts on “The Supportive Husband

  1. Congratulations on your new job! And congratulations because you have a very supportive husband. I wish my future husband would be just as supportive to me someday ❤


  2. your so sweet kuya to my ate biong, pls never change that attitude to her kahit galit-galit kayong dalawa, always be a gentleman to my dear ate biong biong… Thank God at may work na ate ko.. yeheyyy may dove na ako hehehehe. always ingat anak ha. luv u and kuya sam….


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