A Review: Wall Sticker Clock

These wall sticker clocks sold by Cobone looked very chic.

I bet 142 people will be disappointed with their purchase.

I am not a number person so I didn’t really pay attention to the written sizes. I know that’s my fault.

But http://www.funnylemur.com it is also your responsibility NOT to put false visual sizes to advertise your products. The millimeters may be right but it is not proportion to the sizes of the furnitures. I didn’t know it was the living room of a doll house you were showing.

All the while I thought the sticker would be big enough to cover a bare wall, like what your photos have shown. It was so tiny, I couldn’t even read the time when I’m seated from my sofa, which is only 3 steps away.

I would have gladly painted my wall and just buy a normal clock to hang.

99 AED plus 15 AED delivery wasted.

Do I recommend this?


4 thoughts on “A Review: Wall Sticker Clock

  1. looks like you have nothing to do except publishing bad things about other people. you have got exactly what you have ordered but it was your problem for imagining the sizes… and you had the right to return the merchandise to cobone instead of filling your blog with such bullshit about successful people in Dubai.


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