Being My Own Makeup Artist

This is what greets me every morning at work.

A constant reminder that I was as stubborn as a mule when I was younger, when people offered to teach me how to apply makeup on myself.

Now that I’m older and working, I realize what a handicap I am. When you’re surrounded by pretty faces who have professional trainers for beauty and looks, you shrink at the thought that you may be their classic example for their ”DOs and DON’Ts in applying make-up”.

So girls out there, yes, God made you the way you are, your parents love you just the way you look and inner beauty is the prettiest thing in the world, but makeup exists to enhance your God-given features.

Learn and don’t be like me, acting all ”I don’t need makeup.” It’s pride, in a way.

Looking your best is important. People respect others who put effort and take time to be presentable. Well-applied and tasteful makeup is the key.

Just remember, too much of something is bad enough!

If you’re like me, still learning how to use the liner and the brush, SMILE! No amount of make-up could beat the power of a smile.

PS: To the men, don’t let girls cry. It’s hard to put mascara and harder to wipe it off 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being My Own Makeup Artist

  1. Haha thanks ate, that’s an encouragement. I don’t even know how to put foundation and lipsticks. Kasi naman.. hahaha


  2. I am so happy my work does not require me to use foundation and mascara and all that stuff. I only like to wear makeup on special occasions. I do wish I could could learn to use eyeliner. It hurts to put it on.


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