Overcome Evil with Good

Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. Romans 12:21

There are days when I am not too proud of myself. Today is one.

This morning, while my husband was driving me to work, we had an argument… or rather, I had an argument with myself, because the Captain is the kind of person who doesn’t fight a fight.

The fuss was about something that I was so passionate about (hint: the picture above) and because I had all these emotions pent up inside me, it was an intense outburst. When we reached my office, I slammed the car door on my way out.

The entire day I felt so bad. I sincerely wanted to apologize but work kept getting on the way. Before I knew it, office hours were over.

I came home to find him in his usual after-work slumber.

I opened my laptop and found my computer reformatted, cleaned and updated with the newest Creative Suite (CS6) installed and all my files backed-up.

Now all the pent-up feeling inside me is shame.

Repay a bad person with goodness and the feeling of remorse and regret the bad person gets will be enough payback for you.


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